Blowout Day 3 - Whiskey and rock

Whiskey in the Jar is perfect in the sense that you feel like you're in a basement somewhere. The cracked tiles and wood paneled walls make you feel right at home and the bar stocked with beautifully glistening bottles of hooch beg you to have a good time.

First up was Desolation Angels. The quartet was armed with enough twang and jangle to tame a wild dog. Sure, any band can play in a bar but few can sound good in a bar. With precision, high energy, soul and grit, Desolation Angels fit all the criteria.

Briscoe County Vultures took the stage like a bunch of shit-kickers who had at least one Ramones tape. The outfit had a lot of pep and some damn catchy riffs, but it was the gang vocals won over the crowd. The highlight was when the band "slowed things down” for a soulful semi-ballad.

500 Club wasted no time matching the energy of the room, frenetic and delightfully sloppy. This trio lies somewhere between blue collar punk and emo (but not that shitty make up counter goth knock off emo). Though the crowd was sparse, 500 Club filled the room with well-developed melodies and wandering bass lines.

Heads turned as Jeremy Porter & the Tucos began to soundcheck. With his hollowbody guitar slung low on his hip, Porter came out snapping at the microphone like a cobra. A blend of rockabilly and alt-rock coupled with heart-on-the-sleeve emotion, Jeremy Porter & the Tucos were the perfect nightcap for the boozed up crowd.

After witnessing all the boot stompin' at Whiskey in the Jar, I'm not surprised the tile is cracked.

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