Blowout 12 kicks off tonight with the Pre-Party at the Majestic Theatre complex. Just realized that we're losing an hour this weekend, with the arrival of daylight savings time...which means we're probably all going to be even more exhausted when next Monday arrives. Oh, well...

Just wanted to give a heads up that various voices will be blogging on this site throughout the festival, including fulltime MT staffers, as well as Chris Handyside, the Wonder Twins (Laura and D'Anne Witkowski), Brett Callwood, Daniel Johnson, Walter Wasacz, Doug Coombe , producer Eve Doster Knepp and Eddie Baranek, among others. Two of those writers are actually playing gigs at Blowout (Eddie's playing a couple, actually), so it'll be interesting to read perspectives from that side of the stage as well.

Keep checking here for reports throughout the weekend. And I've heard you should probably ingest a lot of greasy food before hitting the various venues. Hangovers suck, after all...

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