Black Jake and the Carnies' EP Release Show (4/25)

Apr 22, 2013 at 9:03 am
Black Jake & the Carnies

Possessed by Paul James (Texas)

Rickett Pass

Stretched Across the Tracks

April 25th ---7pm, $6 - at the Trumbullplex in Detroit (down Trumbull street in Woodbridge)

Been watching and waiting for the metro-area's preeminent punk-frayed bluegrass folk-brawlers to come back around?




Black Jake & The Carnies have conjured their quintessential roust and ricocheting styled bluegrass romp with this single. Busy, buzzing violins that slice and sashay, bass buoyant like a frog dance, banjo burping giddily to goad you along and those wheezy wailing harmonized vocals thrumming together so warmly like a grimy gospel choir.

The new E.P. features the fervent scratch-illustrations of Black Jake on the cover - nicely summing up their music and it's live presentation - snarled and gothic and freaky, intensely pressed, but precise. It's out tomorrow and the release show will be Thursday night in Detroit. Repent, and rock!