Beyoncé's show at Ford Field: described through GIFs

Jun 15, 2016 at 2:40 pm
Beyoncé closed out the first leg of her Formation Wold Tour last night at Ford Field in Detroit and boy did she put on one hell of a show. It was so epic that I even had trouble describing the show to my friends because she was so #flawless. Since I couldn't form into words what the Beyoncé concert was like — I decided to show you through GIF form since this is what millennials do best. Enjoy.  

1. When you get tickets to Beyoncé and all of your friends secretly hate you.


2. When the lights dimmed in Ford Field and we knew we were about to be in the presence of greatness. 


3. When Beyoncé and her dancers appeared wearing wide-brim hats and looked like a coven. 

You are, Beyoncé. You are. 

4. When she told the crowd to scream out "I SLAY!" repeatedly. 

I will say whatever you want me to say, Bey. 

5. When the girls next to us showed up late 5 songs in and then proceeded to sit and text during the entire show. 


6. When she sang "Who Run The World (Girls) and we all felt unstoppable. 

Yes you can. 

7. When she did "Baby Boy" and you remembered the dance from the music video.

Whatever happened to Sean Paul?

8. And then she did "Me, Myself, and I" and all the nostalgic memories come flooding back. 

We were all so much younger back then. 

9. When she told the crowd she visited the Motown Museum and you're mad you didn't try to stalk and meet her. 


10. When she talked about her family and you realize that Blue Ivy is in the building. 

Bey — if you ever need a babysitter you know who to call. 

11. When Jake White didn't come out for "Don't Hurt Yourself" and you were only slightly bummed. 

Once she started singing though I completely forgot about it. 

12. That whole "***Flawles," "Feeling Myself," and "Yoncé" medley had everyone in Ford Field feeling some type of way. 

I think everyone collectively texted their booty call to see what was good. 

13. And then she did "Rocket" and "Partition" and took things to a new level. 

Things were getting hot. 

14. When she sang "Love on Top" acapella and realized she is an angel. 

Pitch Perfect ain't got shit on Bey. 

15. When she addressed everyone as the Beyhive and we all almost lost our shit. 

We are all the Beyhive. 

16. When she was about to perform "Freedom" and we all realized THERE WAS WATER ON THE STAGE!!


17. And then she and her dancers straight up splashed everyone that near that part of the stage. 


18. When you start to believe that Beyoncé truly wakes up like this.

19. Then she did "Survivor" that made us all want a Destiney Child reunion. 

Please oh please oh please. 

20. And finally, she closed the show with "Halo", dedicated it to the victims of Orlando, and we all felt the love and cried. 

Thank you, Beyoncé. For everything.