Belle Ghoul's 'Saturday Knife Fight' EP

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Belle Ghoul – Saturday Knife Fight EP


Elephant Records


Our singer slides in with a too-cool croon as mellifluous as some late-night DJ on buzzy AM radio. There’s this hand-clappable beat coaxing you to shake and twist your way out of the diner and slide down the banister to that wavy bass groove as rich in character as any low humming baritone member of a doo-wop quartet. These cascading organ tones shimmer down, teasing dreamy good-time visuals of sunset cruises down the boulevard with nothing but the summer air over whooshing over your idyllic, shined-up convertible.

Yes, local pop-outfit Belle Ghoul have affected a fine summer jam with “Saturday Knife Fight,” - You can almost taste the orangey froth from the soda fountains; not that this indie-pop trio’s all retro 50’s-revivalists. You also get a heavy-hearted slow-waltzing dream pop ballad edged with lyrics both cute and caustic (“Jack The Ripper”) and an acoustic guitar kicked jam that leans more towards indie-rock, with a dazzling, daydreamysynths echoing an encircling of fuzz around the driving bass line and the reverb-doused harmonies.


These tune should drop in a week or so...(June 24th, actually...-more info here).

For now, appease your ears with their cover of a Nick Drake song.

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