Autumn Wolf - Primal Passion (9/25 -with Ancient Language)


Alex Kaye is Autumn Wolf - an electronica artist who recently released his first full length Primal PassionIf you can't tell by the blog updates about the music collective that he's been facilitating for a year (Dangerfox Recordings), or by the predominance of his name in the credits on the back of Primal Passion (art work, lyrics, music, production, co-engineering...) he's quite an ambitious and proactive guy.

The music video for single "Stray Animals" started streaming two months ago.



Daft Punk dreamers and Ratatat tap dancing types who swoon to MIDI sequencers mad undulations and synth-bass storms will revel Kaye's sonic navigation between a wistful indie-pop nocturne and an aerobic, sweat-beaded rave - there's a soulful, ambient-inclined crooner leaning slightly maudlin against the wall at the entrance to the strobe-glitzed danceclub, howling up some melodious and moody confessionals to the moon above while the bass and buzz-freaked synths throb imposingly behind him on the other side of the wall. Passion is the steady undermining of that wall, with heart-heavy 80's synth-pop and early IDM styles on one side and a cinematic synth-centric dance party on the other...

But it's not an entirely Electro-affair - there's lots of human voices serenading these tracks, including bars from a rapping emcee and a voice from Phantasmagoria, a live-drum kit kicks in strategically amid the samplers and a live guitar gets to flare a bit through (particularly for one wicked, wah-wah-distorted solo).

September 25, 2013 - Loving Touch in Ferndale - on tour from the UK: Augustus Ghost and Phaelah join Ancient Language and Autumn Wolf

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