At Willoughby (11.17.12)

Scenesterism be damned... damned!

Metro Times just put out an exceptional Music Issue propping a bevy of bands, many of them noticeably buzzed-up throughout the last calendar year and distinguished by exceptional albums already released or on the cusp of completion.

I'd like to take this blog post as a chance to prop the debut of endearing underdog-esque singer/songwriter Alan Sowinski (a.k.a. At Willoughby)

- a heartfelt lo-fi folk flourished voice crooning his own honeyed rasp signature upon the strutting/swaying/day-dreamy pop-rock aesthetic - not quite a post-apocalyptic Elvis Costello and not quite a more melodic Calvin Johnson; frank acoustic-flitting, gray-glistening folk-pop realized diary-torn sheets that defy heady emo or overly stylistic artsy-folk freaks... Pretty plaintive, pretty pure...the best way to introduce oneself, I'd say... As this is, for most MT-music miners reading this hear - an introduction to At Willoughby...


Sowinski's introduction is facilitated by Checkers Record Collective and - One main component of both of those entities sings, plays guitar and also keys for a group called Ferndale Acid Scene - a band that happens to also be opening up the Release Show for At Willoughby's EP ("By Any Other Name") scheduled for this Saturday, November 17th at the New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck.

A band from Cincinnati called Hurricane Hotpants will be stopping through town to join in the musical merrymaking. Ferndale's finest punk-grimed power-pop auteurs Old Empire are also on the bill.

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