Ann Arbor Summer Fest announces 2017 Top of the Park lineup

May 1, 2017 at 6:01 am
click to enlarge Ann Arbor Summer Fest announces 2017 Top of the Park lineup
Frontier Ruckus. Courtesy photo.

This morning, the Ann Arbor Summer Festival announced its outdoor Top of the Park series music performances for the 2017 season. The Top of the Park series, which (as ever) is free to attend, runs from June 9 through July 2, and continues for six nights of each week. For the latest information, go to

The festival’s Top of the Park musical performances take place on two outdoor stages: The Rackham stage (915 E. Washington Street, on the campus of the University, Ann Arbor) and the O&W Acoustic Stage (in the Grove, under the iconic Bell Tower on N. Ingalls Mall, Ann Arbor).

Performers at Top of the Park this year include Flint Eastwood, Frontier Ruckus, Los Gatos, Magic Giant, Mariachi Flor De Toloache, the Appleseed Collective, the Crane Wives, the Ragbirds, Whiskey Charmers, Third Coast Kings, and Whit and Al Hill.

2017 Ann Arbor Summer Festival Schedule

June 6 – Tuesday
8 pm Diana Krall @ Hill Auditorium

June 9 – First Friday
5 pm Retreat: Onã Flow Vinyasa
5 pm KidZone: Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
5 pm Katherine Hepburn
6 pm Keri Lynn Roche
7 pm Ingrid Racine: Old Soul Redux
8:30 pm Jive Colossus
10:15 pm Third Coast Kings

June 10 – Saturday
5 pm Retreat: Capoeira
5 pm KidZone: Michigan Creativity Association
5 pm Rollie Tussing
6 pm Abigail Stauffer
7 pm Delilah Dewylde
8:30 pm The Macpodz
10:30 pm Magic Giant

June 11 – Sunday
5 pm Retreat: Tiny Buddha Yoga
5 pm KidZone: FUMCN Co-op Preschool
5 pm Grace Elizabeth Lee
6 pm Billy King
7 pm KidsRock: Jazzy Ash & The Leaping Lizards
8:30 pm The Crane Wives
10 pm Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

June 13 – Tuesday
5 pm Retreat: Ninja Martial Arts
5 pm KidZone: U-M Center for Language & Literacy
5 pm Tasting Tuesdays
5:15 pm The Curious Game
6 pm Bike Nights
6 pm Spencer Michaud
7 pm The Understorey
8 pm Pink Martini @ The Power Center
8:30 pm Roaming Zebras
8:30 pm Hoodang
8:30 pm Trivia Tuesdays
10 pm Groundhog Day

June 14 – Wednesday
5 pm Retreat: Karate
5 pm KidZone: U-M Museum of Natural History
5 pm Wine Down Wednesdays
5:15 pm The Curious Game
5:30 pm Issues & Ale
6 pm Adam Plomaritas
7 pm Liquid Monk
8 pm Rhiannon Giddens @ The Power Center
8:15 pm Flint Eastwood
8:30 pm Roaming Zebras
10 pm Doctor Strange

June 15 – Thursday
5 pm Retreat: Ashtanga Vinyasa
5 pm KidZone: U-M Ecology & Biology
5 pm Olivia Millerschin
6 pm Jay Stielstra
7 pm Jill Jack Band
8:15 pm Mariachi Flor de Toloache
10 pm Ghostbusters - Answer the Call

June 16 – Friday
5 pm Retreat: Pure Barre
5 pm KidZone: The Wonder of Learning
5 pm Chey Halliwill
6 pm Josh Birdsong
6 pm Nightlife Arcade
7 pm Barbarossa Brothers
8:30 pm October Babies
10:15 pm Lady Sunshine & The X Band

June 17 – Saturday
5 pm Retreat: Tai Chi
5 pm KidZone: Flipside Art Studio
5 pm Mary Collins
6 pm Jan Krist & Jim Bizer
7 pm Nina & The Buffalo Riders
8:30 PM Chris Canas Band
10:15 PM The Sun Messengers

June 18 – Sunday
1 pm Doktor Kaboom! “It’s Just Rocket Science” @ The Power Center
4 pm Doktor Kaboom! “Live Wire!” @ The Power Center
5 pm Retreat: Nia Healing
5 pm KidZone: C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital
5 pm Ty Cooper
6 pm Barelyon
7 pm Kidsrock: The Shake Ups
8:30 pm Hullabaloo
10 pm Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

June 20 – Tuesday
5 pm Retreat: Barre Code
5 pm KidZone: U-M Museum of Natural History
5 pm Tasting Tuesdays
5 pm Adam Labeaux
6 pm Jud Branam & Kevin Brown
6 pm Bike Nights
7 pm Deep Greens & Blues
8 pm Taiko Drums
8:30 pm Ben Daniels Band
8:30 pm Trivia Tuesdays
10 pm Hidden Figures

June 21 – Wednesday
5 pm Retreat: Imagine Fitness
5 pm KidZone: U-M Center for Japanese Studies & AFS
5 pm Wine Down Wednesdays
5 pm Sydney Burnham
6 pm Dave Boutette
7 pm The Moxie Strings
8:30 pm The RFD Boys
10 pm Good Morning Vietnam

June 22 – Thursday
5 pm Retreat: Involution Yoga
5 pm KidZone: Taiwanese-American Community
5 pm Nadim Azzam
6 pm Oh Brother Big Sister
7 pm Nerd Night
7 pm The Go Rounds
8:30 pm Frontier Ruckus
10 pm Say Anything

June 23 – Friday
5 pm Retreat: Pound Rockout
5 pm We Draw Together Kids Yoga
5 pm Mike Vial
6 pm Magdalen Fossum
7 pm The Appleseed Collective
8:30 pm Chris Dupont
10:15 pm The Ragbirds

June 24 – Saturday
5 pm Retreat: Nia Fitness
5 pm KidZone: Apple Playschools
5 pm Kate Peterson
6 pm Shari Kane & Dave Steele
7 pm Tumbao Bravo
8 pm Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood: Scared Scriptless Tour
@ The Power Center
8:15 pm Salsa Lessons
8:45 pm Los Gatos
10 pm Salsa Lessons
10:30 pm Descarga Ranga

June 25 – Sunday
5 pm Retreat: Diva Hoops
5 pm KidZone: Hebrew Day School
5 pm Dave Menzo
6 pm Phillip-Michael Scales
7 pm KidsRock: Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band
8:15 pm Madcat Midnight Blues Journey
10 pm Secret Life of Pets

June 27 – Tuesday
5 pm Retreat: Open Meditation
5 pm KidZone: Hands-On Museum
5 pm Tasting Tuesdays
5 pm Judy Banker
5:55 pm Tall Tales of the High Seas, Australia’s Strange Fruit
6 pm Bike Nights
6:45 pm Whit & Al Hill & Friends
7:55 pm Tall Tales of the High Seas, Australia’s Strange Fruit
8:30 pm Lunar Octet
10 pm Men In Black

June 28 – Wednesday
5 pm Retreat: AcroYoga
5 pm KidZone: Summers-Knoll School
5 pm Wine Down Wednesdays
5 pm Bill Edwards
5:55 pm Tall Tales of the High Seas, Australia’s Strange Fruit
6:45 pm Big Dudee Roo
7:55 pm Tall Tales of the High Seas, Australia’s Strange Fruit
8:30 pm May Erlewine & The Motivations
10 pm Star Wars - The Force Awakens

June 29 – Thursday
5 pm Retreat: Hybrid Bootcamp
5 pm Keith Hafner’s Karate
5 pm San, Emily & Jacob
5:55 pm Tall Tales of the High Seas, Australia’s Strange Fruit
6:45 pm Thunderwüde
7:55 pm Tall Tales of the High Seas, Australia’s Strange Fruit
8:30 pm Timothy Monger State Park
10 pm Beetlejuice

June 30 – Friday
5 pm Retreat: Ann Arbor School of Yoga
5 pm KidZone: Leslie Science & Nature Center
5 pm Escaping Pavement
6 pm Diana Lawrence
7 pm Drew De Four & Friends
8:30 pm The Bluescasters
10:15 pm The Saints of Soul

July 1 – Saturday
5 pm Retreat: World Dance Workout
5 pm KidZone: Fly Children’s Art Center
5 pm The Whiskey Charmers
6 pm Kylee Phillips
7 pm Buzzed Bee
7 pm On The Sun
8 pm Ira Glass: Seven Things I’ve Learned @ The Power Center
8:15 pm The Outer Vibe
10:15 pm Red Baraat

July 2 – So Long Sunday
5 pm Retreat: Vinyasa Flow Yoga
5 pm KidZone: U-M Conceptual Development Lab
5 pm Cat Canyon
6 pm Annie & Rod Capps
7 pm Nobody’s Business
8:15 pm George Bedard & The Kingpins
10 pm La La Land

July 4 – Tuesday
4 pm The Capitol Steps @ The Power Center

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival is an exhilarating celebration of performing arts, outdoor entertainment, and community spirit. An annual international arts gathering in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the three-week festival offers an array of ticketed and free events, both indoors and out, featuring a progressive mix of local, national, and international artists.

Presenting over 170 events each season and attracting a diverse audience of more than 80,000 people, the festival continues to grow as a major cultural event in the Ann Arbor community, and as a leading multi-arts celebration that enriches the cultural, economic, and social vitality of the region.

The festival’s 34th season runs from June 6th through July 2nd, 2017.

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