Four more "Terrible" Ted e-mails that we didn't post below:

Bill -- You are obviously biased in your opinion of Ted Nugent. You claim to like hunting but are upset by it? I think you shouldn't drink the bong water. It's bad for you. Drop the joint and pick up a bow and go out into the woods. Ted's opinions are just that -- opinions. Everyone is entitled to them, just like your opinion of Ted sucks. I think you suck!



Brilliantly stated, very funny, thank you!




Just writing to say "Thank You!" I thoroughly enjoyed your article slamming BIG MOUTH Ted Nugent. Yes, I loved the Amboy Dukes and up to Cat Scratch, he was fine. After that, forget it. For many years, he ran his mouth and is such a hypocrite. Nobody ever really stood up to him like you did. He's such a gunslinger. Did you know he got out of Vietnam because his father was an Army officer and pulled some strings? He actually won "Father of the Year" about ten years ago. What a joke. Never knew about the underage girls. Can't stand him even more. Anyways, thanks again, Bill, for shutting this a-hole mouth that a lot of others would like to but can't.  YOU ROCK!  



I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for not mincing words on fuckface Nugent.  He roundly deserves it!

"Father of the Year!"


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