A.M. Survey

Feb 21, 2013 at 10:51 am

Sequestration. SXSW.

Emergency Financial Managers. Bonnaroo lineups...

Sporting world scandals. Thurston Moore's new band...

It's another busy, crazy, noisy week.

It's all blurring by me, as I try to move my shit from one house to another. It's like the world's being put on hold while I crouch down and get screws out of the hardwood flooring so the sanding guy can do his refinishing job and I can get my rugs down so that the turntable can go over there and I can figure out where to put the lamps so that it doesn't reveal that one corner where I did a poor job painting along the molding... I can't answer Facebook's constant query: What's On Your Mind? Man, I don't know...

Just what I need to get my head-on straight... Psychedelic swirls and stormy effects, trancey-acid-jazz drums and haunting bass grooves, threading off into experimental-oblivions, disjointed downbeats, detached flits of melody, the Rorschach rock of Isles of E.S.P.'s debut... Now there's something I don't see enough these days - bands releasing their works in the middle of the day (Saturday) in auspicious locales like Libraries!

Something like:

Isles of ESP/// Record Release Show

Other stuff shuffling past my barely-managed attention span this week:

A new documentary on the most unassumingly cerebral and well-articulated rapper in town:


But then there's also:


2.23.13 | FREE | KICKSTAND BAND // BEEKEEPERS // HI SPEED DUBBING // PENDEJOSAnd then, I realize part of the reason Isles of E.S.P. are playing so early in the day, on Saturday (4 pm). Their drummer fronts this other psyche-rock outfit called Hi-Speed Dubbing and they're playing back up in Ferndale at FOUND SOUND that same night, around 9pm.

They join the Kickstand Band, Pendejos, and one of this writers more favored freak-pop recon-fusions -The Beekeepers.


So...there's all of that.