Almost every late night TV host parodied Eminem's Trump diss track last night

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click to enlarge Almost every late night TV host parodied Eminem's Trump diss track last night
Screenshot from YouTube.

Since Donald Trump never responded to Eminem's scathing freestyle rap at Tuesday night's BET Hip Hop Awards, the late night TV hosts decided to take it into their own hands.

Fallon, Colbert, Meyers, and Corden all had some jokes about Eminem's now famous freestyle rap, from sketch gags to parodies.

Stephen Colbert started off his show with a sketch in which a couple is in the parking garage where Eminem is rapping and they can't get out of their spot because of Eminem and his crew are in the way. Bonus points for calling him  "Macklemore," too.

Seth Meyers was inspired by Eminem's decision to draw a line in the sand between his fans that support Trump and those who don't, so Meyers decided to give his fans the ultimatum as well. You're either with Seth or you're not (insert middle finger).

James Corden made a couple jokes about Eminem's video, one in particular was quite good, with him saying that Trump responded to Eminem with his own rap that goes, "Will the NFL players please stand up, please stand up?"

And finally, Jimmy Fallon played it similarly to Corden, making cute little jokes about how Trump got confused and told his supporters to boycott the "M&M Store," and not the rapper Eminem. 
In a world of late night TV competitiveness, we gotta give the trophy to Colbert on this one.

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