All My Friends Are Going Death

We are a select few for whom coffee alone is never enough. For those of us who supplement our daily multiple intakes of caffeine by adhering to a steady supplemental regimen of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music and Neil Young’s Arc, kicks keep getting harder to find.

Fortunately for us, Some Girls know that there isn’t enough time in today’s fast-paced world to slowly ingest that which satisfies our innate need for atonal speed, hence All My Friends Are Going Death, which just may be the world’s first direct-injection shrieko album.

Y’see, AMFAGD (heh-heh … nice acronym) contains a whopping 15 tracks yet clocks in at a minimalist 14:48. That’s right, 15 songs that last less than 15 minutes.

The longest track is a one-minute-and-38-second cover of the Stooges’ “No Fun” that’s stripped down to its bare-bones essence. The shortest track (“Up To Our Hips”) weighs in at a seriously svelte 32 seconds.

And these aren’t just adrenaline-fueled thrash jams either. As the bonus demos hidden away on track 69 show, these are full-blown songs that are only 40 seconds long because they’re supposed to be that length.

Then again, what else would you expect from three guys like Justin Pearson, Rob Moran and Wes Eisold who have honed their collective chops by slogging away in various bands on the hardcore skate-punk thrash circuit? Practice makes pervert, but if you can’t hear their skills shine through the relentless velocity, then you’re just not playing close enough attention.

Some Girls dispense the decibels without the usual degree of atonality so, if you don’t have that much jam, take 15 minutes and call me in the morning.

And if you can speed read, there’s a lyric sheet!

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