Acting the goat at Blowout

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Guest blog by Gerard Smith of Bill Grogan's Goat

I got to the Friday night installment of The Metro Times Blowout late last night, after taking my lovely Mrs. out for Mexican dinner, then falling into a food coma for an hour or so when I dropped her off at home. I still managed to hear three acts. There's a testament to the value of the weekend pass for you.

I got to the Rust Belt Market in time to catch J. Walker and the Crossguards. If your taste in music includes amped up hyperactive 60s-ish R&B pop with a dash of steroidal distortion in place of jangly guitar, this band is for you. Lots of energy and sweat, with a goodly chunk of dancers in the crowd. Well done.

I was actually there to see Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas, who took the stage next. Ms. Hernandez is a purveyor of smooth, beat heavy pop, with lots of world music flavors mixed in. The music was smooth, and her voice was a soaring instrument over the top of the mix, counter balanced by the horn section. Heads were bopping, and the audience clearly enjoyed the show.

I left before the end of the performance at Rust Belt so I could catch The Ragbirds at The Loving Touch. I finally found a venue that accepted my band drink tickets. Joy! Shipmates! Joy!

The Ragbirds were more than I expected. The percussion driven mash up of world music styles was right up my alley. The incorporation of traditional instruments from different cultures combined with rock kept the crowd jumping with the majority shakin' it in time. Tight vocal harmonies drove home the lyrics of well written songs. Thanks! Give me more!

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