Jun 3, 2008 at 11:39 am

It looks like the ACLU may get involved in the fracas that took place last weekend when a Detroit Police SWAT team hit (though that word might be an understatement) the "Funk Night" party at CAID (see Doug Coombe's item below).

Anyway, this e-mail is making the rounds on the Internets. If you were there, it couldn't hurt to contact the e-mail address below:

We are in contact with the ACLU to see if there is a possibility of getting them involved because of the civil liberties related to this incident. A private lawyer who I just spoke with who volunteers for the ACLU has asked me to contact everyone who was there and have them write a recollection of what happened to them, others around them, what the police did and said, their contact information including name, education and any criminal history. We are asking that this notice be sent out to as many people to ensure we have reached everyone who was there. The lawyer said that if the ACLU gets involved that they will represent everyone free of charge. He wants to meet with everyone tomorrow to give them information and advice. Those who were there should contact the CAID at [email protected] with their information and we will send the place and time of this meeting. Also, no one that was there should share their recollections on blogs or with anyone else who was there.

This meeting will also provide answers related to the impounding of the vehicles. Please bring your tickets and impound receipts.

You may post this e-mail in a blog or bulletin or forward.


Aaron Timlin

Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit

5141 Rosa Parks Blvd

Detroit MI 48208

(313) 899-2243 x151

[email protected]