Absolutely fabulous

Dec 12, 2001 at 12:00 am
The Fox Theatre - Metro Times Photo / Larry Kaplan
Metro Times Photo / Larry Kaplan
The Fox Theatre
A ten-story neon marquee, awe-inspiring Art Deco interior and a schedule featuring national acts of the highest calibre make the Fox a truly regal concert palace. Considering our city's tendency to abandon or destroy most of its Golden-Age landmarks, it's amazing that the Fox was rescued and restored to its original 1920s splendor. Hosting mostly well-established, respectable acts, the theater sometimes hosts modern classics like Elvis Costello or Erykah Badu, elevating these events to "unforgettable" status and providing a special treat for fans who hate listening to gorgeous music in ugly, plastic sports venues. Fox Theatre tickets are a must for extra-special romantic partners and out-of-town guests, neither of whom will ever forget you for sponsoring their first visit — although they probably won't recall much of the performance, since they'll be spending most of the evening gawking at the gleaming gold ceilings, breathtakingly ornate plasterwork, bejeweled chandeliers and rich, red velvet draperies.