A Cross-Section of Emails from bands

The Spitting Nickels:

"Spitting Nickels -- what a party!" - Aaron Bales

We say: "MetroTimes Blowout -- what a party!" Spitting Nickels had a great time with the Blowout crowd in the Atlas Bar. We made lots of new friends, learned a lot about space management, and spattered blood on someone's drums for the second time in a week. What more could we ask for?

If you haven't gotten out to Blowout -- one more night left. Do it!

The Sillies:

Thank you for the show at The Locker Room (3141). In spite of the two huge house fires across the street and the late hour, people stayed and were surprisingly enthusiastic and supportive. Everyone in The Sillies was very happy with the experience, which can't be said of every show the band has done in 30 years. It was a pleasure.


Scott Campbell, founder


And my personal favorite...

Brian from Porchsleeper

beyond drunk,


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