8 reasons to get excited for Beyoncé at Ford Field

Jun 13, 2016 at 1:29 pm
We are mere mortals and Queen Bey is here and we are more than R-E-A-D-Y. Here is a list of 8 reasons that will put you in the mood for Bey and make you scream "I SLAY!" 

1. Lemonade:

If you haven't seen and or listened to Beyoncé's new visual album Lemonade then WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE??? Buy it on iTunes. Stream it on Tidal. It's even coming back to HBO. You have no choice now. And if you have seen it then you know what I'm talking about. The album is amazing, every song is a jam, and we can't wait to see Bey perform the songs live. 

2. DJ Khaled is opening for her:

Okay, let's just get it out of our system now. DEEE JAYYY KHALLLEDDD (cue 'All I Do Is Win"). Okay, great — happy we did that. Anyway, DJ Khaled has worked with fucking everybody — Big Sean, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Yeezy, Drake, Future, and many, many more. So expect to hear some jams to warm you up before her majesty takes the stage. 

3. The tour's production value:

For a fan who just found out they are getting a ticket to this show, I of course have watched videos on YouTube of the show because I knew I was gonna have intense FOMO if I didn't get to be there in person. And let me tell you, it looks fucking amazing. There is like a 40 foot screen that shows Bey in all her glory. What more could you need? 

4. It's been a minute since Bey has been to Detroit:

It's been almost three years since Beyoncé has last played Detroit (well, Auburn Hills) so this is definitely a long awaited comeback show and the people of metro Detroit are excited. I have a feeling that Beyoncé will make it a special show.

5. There could be some surprise special guests:

Okay, Nicki Minaj isn't going to surprise Detroit (imagine if she did, though!) but DJ Khaled has already brought out some special guests on the tour and since Detroit is home to so many great artists (a'hem, Big Sean) we are keeping our hopes up. ALSO, Beyoncé wrote and performed the killer track "Don't Hurt Yourself" with Jack White so we're hoping Jack will come out and partake in the slaying. DOUBLE ALSO, we always hope Eminem will show up with some sort of fuckery so here's to that, too. 

6. The setlist:

In addition to looking at some shitty fan-shot videos on Facebook, I also looked at her setlists from previous shows because I have no self control and let me tell you it is going to be amazing. She not only plays the best songs from Lemonade, but her back catalog is seriously amazing and full of little gems that you've probably forgot about. "Ring the Alarm," "Diva," "Naughty Girl!" All great jams, and you'll hear them all Tuesday night. 

7. You will feel empowered as hell:

Beyoncé is the Queen of many things, but no other artist makes you feel your worth more than she. She is not God — as she points out in the Lemonade film — but she is worth worshiping given her positive attitude and message of self-love and respect to all types of people. 

8. It's Beyoncé:

There isn't any better reason to get excited for her show because she is Beyoncé and she is a legend. She's broke barriers and has once again proved that she is an artist and was put on this Earth to make music and make us feel all the feelings. 

Beyoncé takes the stage on Tuesday, June 14 at Ford Field. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and DJ Khaled takes the stage at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are still available at detroitlions.com Prepare to be slayed.