500 Club

500 Club -- Casio Choir -- Traits -- Oct 11   ---Old Miami


Welcome to the Club...


I know it's autumn and the smell of leaves stings our nostrils, with their kaleidoscopic colors dazzling our eyes and we're all getting geeked for all the cover-band costume freak outs we can go on during the Halloween concert series...

But bring it back a minute to summer. Let the sunshine back in and green it up a bit more for just a half hour, for just ten songs. Take your shoes off. Pour a healthy amount of reverb on those ambling guitars for a slow dance on the beach...


Or cannonball into some crunchy guitar riffs rich with early 00's indie-nostalgia - for those embellished melodies and literate lyrics conceiving a cinematic story heavy on heart and vividly dressed with the excitement and ennui of glitzy urban centers.


500 Club's Ben Keeler penned a bunch of lyrics during his days out in San Francisco two years ago, sang atop a blend of pop/rock, arty-indie fare and some shuffling folk feels...

David Dionise, Benjamin Sturley and Tony Hays flesh out the sound and back up the live sets. Come hear what summer sounds like when it's slammed into the thick of autumn.


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