MTV Classic debuts August 1 with top shows from the 90s

It's 2016, which means the 90s are officially a 'classic' era. (Just take Detroit's newest 'throwback' station 105.1 for example.) And since youthful millennials can't get enough of high-waisted shorts and neon, the media overlords at Viacom have made the wise decision to switch VH1 Classic — which primarily broadcast a variety of mainstream rock/adult hits (whatever that means) mix of videos and concerts from the 70s through the mid-1990s (before they went to shit) — to MTV Classic. 

The channel will feature a variety of programming that was on the station during the 1990s and 2000s. 

The switch will happen at 6:00am on August 1, 35 years to the day of the first MTV broadcast. The channel will actually show that first hour in television history whilst streaming it on Facebook Live. 2016 is lit. 

Since no pop culture news is complete without a list. We now present 10 things we're pumped about the new station — and five things that should've stayed in the past. Yeah, we're looking at you, Carson Daly. 

1. Hour One: arguably one of the biggest moments in television history. MTV brought music to TV, and while it eventually nixed that component in favor of reality TV (more on that in a second), it still brought us the ability to turn on the tube and see Bowie. 

2. Bowie. Whitney. Prince. Michael. People we can't turn on the TV and see anymore in all their glory. 

3. Daria. Seriously, why isn't this show on anymore?

4. Beavis and Butthead. See above. 

5. Kurt Loder/Serena Althscul/Ananda Lewis/Jesse:  Remember them? God, so amazing. Sidenote: wanna see Ananda Lewis interview a youthful Destiny's Child? Of course you do. 

6. TRL: the network plans to run a retrospective of the show that launched the careers of 90s/00s pop icons on the kickoff day. A reminder of what life was like before 24-hour access via social media. 

7. MTV Unplugged: it'll also run memorable episodes of Unplugged featuring Bob Dylan, Nirvana, Neil Young, Erykah Badu, Oasis, and Alice in Chains. And hopefully, Lauryn Hill and Jay-Z because please God. 

8. Aeon Flux: ok, and Jackass and Cribs and the better episodes of Punk'd, but really, Aeon Flux. 

9. Xzibit: that laugh. Classic. 

10. Real World/Road Rules: when the people on the show actually looked like normal people. 

Alright, you knew would couldn't be all sunshine and roses, right? The 90s were arguably (and the 2000s undoubtedly) the time when reality TV hit its stride, ushering in nearly two decades of real housewives and the KKK (Kim Kardashian Klan) and who do we have to thank for that? MTV of course! 

Here's 5 things that can fuck off: 

1. Laguna Beach: sure, it launched the careers of one of the most fascinating couples in entertainment (Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt aka Speidi). Need proof? Here. But honestly, this show was garbage and only made way for more rich people to realize they could get famous for being famous and take over the world. 

2. Carson Daly: this guy. There's just something about him. 

3. That Headbangers Ball isn't mentioned. WTF MTV?

4. Real World Las Vegas: debauchery at its finest (which hell yeah) but all in all just a really sad glimpse into what people will do for a slice of fame. 

5. Dave Holmes — sorry Dave. 

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