10 more to watch: DangerVille

Mar 7, 2001 at 12:00 am

Welcome to the holy church of DangerVille. Prepare to be converted. This four-piece psychobilly outfit straight outta hell (er, Grand Rapids) is spreading its gospel like wildfire, kicking ass, breaking hearts and blowing the uninitiated away.

You may not like or have a firm grasp on rockabilly. You might even hate it. Turn up at a DangerVille show and you’ll have to be careful not to trip on your jaw on the way out the door.

It’s highly entertaining to watch DangerVille work its voodoo magic on an audience. Being veteran performers, the members have often played bars packed with uptight, unhip, surly patrons who were just there to have a drink and really didn’t want to hear some damn country band on speed. The ’Ville takes the stage, unfazed by the sounds of crickets out in the audience, and tears into its set.

Like a gospel minister, charismatic lead singer Danger lights up the room with his captivating stage presence. And then there’s the sultry upright bass player, Delilah Dewylde, a Patricia Arquette-Bettie Page hybrid who displays massive amounts of high-class sex appeal as well as top-notch musicianship — she could kick Britney’s ass any day of the week. As the band whips through the hollow-bodied melodies of traditional rockabilly combined with screeching, intoxicating electric guitar riffs, the sermon begins to take effect.

Your foot starts to tap, surreptitiously at first. Then your neck begins to bob with the beat. Your hand drums a rhythm on your mug of beer and, by the last song, you’re three sheets to the wing and swing dancing with some guy named Gus you’ve never met. As you stumble out of the bar, you say, “you know, I don’t even like rockabilly, but ho-lee shit!”

Can I get an amen?

DangerVille performs Friday, March 9 at New Dodge, 9122 Jos. Campau (313-874-5963) and Saturday, March 10 at Alvin’s, 5756 Cass, Detroit (313-872-6220).

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