Why would Indiana's Bank Street Brewhouse serve nuked hot dogs and powdered milk?

It's five o'clock somewhere

Sep 17, 2014 at 1:00 am

News of a bar menu in Indiana has been making the rounds online lately. It's because the menu at the Bank Street Brewhouse offers such undesirable food items as nuked hot dogs, nuked Campbell's soup, powdered milk, and coffee. You might think they didn't put a lot of thought into this menu, but it turns out they did. Under Indiana law, if an establishment wants to serve booze by the drink, it also has to offer a certain amount of food at all times. To comply, the restaurant serves a hot dog sandwich, among other underwhelming items. The text lays it on thick, with a "statutory overview" and such non-mouthwatering descriptions as "Our Famous Hotdog Sandwich: Microwaved to perfection, including both weenie and bun, sans condiments," and "Chef Campbell's Soup of the Day: Served in a bowl. Your choice of whichever can is on top of the stack." The unappealing prices ($10 for a sandwich or a soup?) drive home the point.

Too bad the bar's prevailing health department doesn't model itself on Michigan's rules, since our state's definition of "food" often includes ice. Chew on that.