VIDEO: Watch as Korean diners try Detroit pizza for the first time

We've always known that Detroit-style pizza — with its caramelized, cheesy square edges — is the best in the country. But it's taken awhile for the rest of the country to catch on to our unique rendition of deep dish pies.

Lucky for everyone else, that's starting to change, with Detroit pizza seeping into other parts of the country like N.Y. and Austin. Now, it seems our signature Sicilian-inspired dish has jumped the Pacific Ocean and made its way to Seoul with the addition of Pizza Iconic, the only restaurant in Korea to serve Detroit pizza.

Traditionally, denizens of the South Korean capital have indulged in pizza that only faintly resembles what we Westerners know to be pizza, with the addition of kimchi, pickles, and a slightly sweet taste (then again, we've completely appropriated the Italian dish and have made it our own, so who are we to judge).
In this video, we see the reactions of several Korean women who try Detroit, Chicago, and New York-style pizzas for the first time. See for yourself, but what they have to say about Detroit style is really endearing. 

Have a look.

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