Vegetarian Indian fusion restaurant Veg-O-Rama opens next week in Canton

Apr 1, 2019 at 11:44 am
click to enlarge Vegetarian Indian fusion restaurant Veg-O-Rama opens next week in Canton
A new vegetarian international "street food" restaurant is hosting an April 10 grand opening in Canton.

It's the second location for Veg-O-Rama, which is introducing a bigger menu than its Ypsilanti shop. The bulk of the items hold Indian flavors, but the restaurant gets a little more "international" with dishes like a Cuban sandwich and pierogi.

Co-owner Prafulla Kharkar says he and his family are trying to turn the concept into a fast food chain that rivals McDonald's. The menu includes a range of vegan dishes, vegan smoothies, and vegan milkshakes — Kharkar notes that all but four items are vegan.

The restaurant's main attraction is its burgers, with options like the Golden Crunchy Bird's Nest Burger, which is a patty of coleslaw, chickpea flour base, and Cajun spices; The Love Seed Beet Them All is prepared with shredded beets, roasted sunflower seeds, flax seed, buckwheat, chickpea flour, and spices; and the Golden Crunchy Potato Burger is made with potatoes and Indian spices then topped with tamarind and cilantro-mint chutney.

Subs include options like the tamarind BBQ jackfruit sandwich and a section devoted to "pizza/bowls/wraps" built around options like butter chic'n, butter paneer, and orange chic'n.

The new restaurant is located at 44930 Ford Rd. in Canton.

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