The Rockery's Justin Pullum shares a recipe for the 'Breakfast Club'

Oct 8, 2014 at 1:00 am

“Drink Michigan beer or the terrorists win.” That’s the sort of thing you’ll read on The Rockery’s Facebook page. And that’s the sort of attitude that most of their staff share: Fun, cheeky, and, at times, entirely too irreverent. Justin Pullum is behind the bar most days, serving up a selection of Michigan beers and craft liquors that you wouldn’t expect this place to carry from its modest façade and dim interior. But, that’s the beauty of dive bars, isn’t it?

The Rockery is home to Soul Deep, when DJs spin old-school classics and twentysomethings get down on the dance floor. Careful, though! It can get slippery out there!

On other nights Pullum books both local and national acts, some bands come from as far as Brazil.

Pro tip: The bar just came into a South Park pinball machine.