Drink up

Sep 10, 2014 at 1:00 am

Russell's Reserve: 10 Year Old Bourbon

Named after Jimmy Russell, Wild Turkey's master distiller, and his son and associate distiller Eddie Russell, this small-batch Kentucky whiskey was created to reflect the 86 years of combined experience in whiskey-making and the unique expertise that comes along with such knowledge.

A 90-proof whiskey, it pours a deep amber color with a faint vanilla and cinnamon nose filled out by notes of old leather, spice, and oak. Poured over a cube of ice in a small snifter, the body proves rich and spicy, a flavor that's followed by those savory notes of vanilla and cinnamon that we detected in the nose. Toward the end, there's a swift kick of caramel and molasses and then just a touch of oak, finished up by the faint flavor of dried fruit.

At just $35.98 a bottle, Russell's Reserve is a bargain. Great whiskeys don't come cheap, but you won't be breaking the bank to add this one to your bar cart. A smart 90-proof makes it perfect on the rocks or enjoyed in a classic Manhattan or Old Fashioned.