Pontiac's Exferimentation Brewing Co. closes after 5 years of unconventional craft beer

Jan 5, 2022 at 1:47 pm
click to enlarge Exferimentation Brewing Co. celebrated five years in July 2021. - Exferimentation Brewing Co/ Instagram
Exferimentation Brewing Co/ Instagram
Exferimentation Brewing Co. celebrated five years in July 2021.

Exferimentation Brewing Co. in Pontiac announced they are closing for good in a Facebook post this week.

Craft beer with funky names like Dragonpiss and retro video games were staples at the brewery, but COVID-19 and financial instability took a toll on business. It's another casualty in a wave of metro Detroit restaurants that have closed due to the pandemic.

“When COVID came, we made the decision to pay our employees throughout the quarantine period, well after our modest PPP loan ran out, at our own personal cost… Unfortunately, we were never able to recover after to what was already a lean business model after things opened up,” Exferimentation owner Eric Benton wrote on the brewery’s Facebook page.

Exferimentation was a mostly DIY experiment from the time they opened in 2016. The owners fashioned tables out of found doors, built the bar out of a repurposed bowling alley lane, and laid the tile flooring themselves. Brewing beer into the wee hours of the night after working their day jobs made it a labor of love that ultimately wasn’t sustainable.

“Ultimately, we were not a financial success, but I can rest my head a little easier because we always at least attempted to run our business the ‘right way,’” Benton wrote. “I'm extremely grateful to the wonderful employees which created the personality and vibe of Exferimentation. Thank you as well to the Pontiac Community for welcoming us with open arms.”

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