LeFavour stresses seasonal recipes

Yes, summer is fading fast, but that doesn't mean you have to get the blues. We find that one of the best morale-raisers you can produce in the kitchen is to roast a chicken. When a cold snap makes you seal up your windows, roasting a chicken can fill a house with that homey, comforting aroma that brings a smile to those red-cheeked faces as they come in the door. And there are few cookbooks that can help you get the most out of your bird, among them Poulet, a book that features dozens of inventive recipes from all over the world, with an emphasis on flavor, especially bringing out the flavor of dark meat, as well as wine, cocktail, and beer pairings. LeFavour stresses seasonal recipes and ingredients, humanely raised poultry, and even getting birds that are organic and free of antibiotics.

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