Juicy info

Jul 26, 2000 at 12:00 am
Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables? Are you sure? Only about 28 percent of people over the age of 2 consume two or more servings of fruit daily, and even fewer eat their veggies, says the Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy People 2010 program. But everyone knows (or at least you will if you read the following bit about cancer prevention) that fruits and veggies are essential to a healthy diet. Sure, deep-fry that lettuce and we’ll talk, you say?

Well, a few years ago, friends Brad Barnhorn and David Chung, of Cincinnati, decided it would be a cool to start a business to help Midwesterners get their daily doses of fruity nutrition. They developed the Fantasia Fresh Juice Co., and now their line of 21 healthy beverages is making a splash in the metro area. With crazy and tasty flavors such as Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Fresh Squeezed Raspberry Lemonade and Cold Pressed Carrot Juice, it’s easy to down at least part of your five recommended daily servings while you’re running from the grocery store to the car.

Each of these drinks is made with at least a pound of fresh fruit per 16 oz. bottle, while drinks called names like "fruit punch" or "fruit beverage" only need to contain as little as 5 percent real juice. For people who want even more punch in their punch, so to speak, there are even more souped-up versions. The Zenergy blend contains ginseng and gingko in a tropical-tasting base (banana, pineapple, passion fruit and orange juices). The Planet Green drink has apple, papaya and peach juices with a splash of spirulina and wheat grass too.

You can even attempt to alter your mood with the St. John’s Blues Be Gone blend, which has mango, strawberries, orange juice and the popular herbal supplement St. John’s Wort, which is said to help prevent depression. Of course, just knowing you’re eating a bit better is likely to improve your mood.

Available in the metro area at Kroger, Whole Foods, Bruegger’s Bagels, Westborn Market and other retailers for $1.99-$2.79.


Mama always said to eat healthy and get lots of exercise, but now researchers are proving her right by finding links between healthy lifestyles and a lower risk of cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research has published a free brochure that explains simple ways to help prevent cancer by making tiny changes in your daily routine.

It suggests eating salad for lunch, trying one new vegetable a week, and even having fruit for dessert once in a while can all help. Just buying a vegetarian cookbook is a step in the right direction, as you’ll find dozens of healthy recipes you can try immediately.

And how much fruit or vegetables makes one serving? It’s less than you might think. To find out, get your own copy of the brochure. Call 800-843-8114, or visit www.aicr.org.


Whole Foods Market (1404 Walton, Rochester Hills, 248-652-2100) is promoting its own 365 brand with a Golf Tastefair on Saturday, July 29. Between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., you can try and rate lots of different products, and even play golf in the store on a freezer-aisle putting green. Enter to win a free round of golf at Twin Lakes Golf and Swim Club, and find out more about the 365 brand products, which contain no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors or flavors.


Indulge in one of metro Detroit’s fastest growing sugar addictions at the new Krispy Kreme doughnuts store. It’s at 28835 Gratiot in Roseville, and has a 24-hour drive-through. If you haven’t tried their hot original glazed doughnuts yet, try some. You’ll instantly understand why it’s so easy to forget about eating well! Alisa Gordaneer is MT features editor. E-mail [email protected]