Former Wyandotte nightclub is being transformed into a microdistillery

Apr 29, 2015 at 1:34 pm
Downriver might not have the best reputation, but the city of Wyandotte is quickly changing the face of the community found south of Detroit. The city's recently seen an uptick in businesses set to open soon. Downtown's historic Sears department store building is being converted into luxury apartments, and Lions, Tigers, and Beers (which burned down in 2012) is being rebuilt with plans for an accompanying beer garden. A new dog park is also scheduled to open on July 1. 

Today, the News Herald reported that another new business will open later this summer in Wyandotte. Lost Lake Distillery will open in the once-popular Studio 142's former space. The nightclub closed a couple years ago and remained vacant until the distillery's owners began work on the space last year. According to the article, Lost Lake will produce whiskey and other liquors and will open as a private business at first, with a tasting room opening later. Check out the News Herald article here