Men and pigs — No, it’s not some joke about male chauvinist pigs — it’s about celebrating fatherhood by choking down chunks of roasted pig meat. And, by all appearances, it’s a popular way to please Pops. At Volare Ristorante (49115 Pontiac Trail, Wixom; 248-960-7771), Father’s Day (June 18) will be marked with a pig roast and barbecue (noon-7 p.m.; $25 adults, $12 children 12 and under). The event will feature Italian sausage with peppers and onions, chicken, ribs, gourmet burgers, pasta salads, and more, including, of course, rotisserie pig. If you still need more pig (or, if you’re busy on Sunday), Five Lakes Grill (424 N. Main St., Milford; 248-684-7455) will host its all-pig dinner (6:45 p.m.; $65 dinner, $30 wine package) the next day, on Monday, June 19. Expect assorted charcuterie, pork rillettes, smoked garlic sausage with Michigan tart cherry mustard, slow-braised hog short ribs and crispy hog shoulder confit steak with Michigan white bean and smoked ham hocks, and sage- and garlic-stuffed smoked Berkshire hog loin. Reservations recommended.

Meal deal — Curious lunchers now have a good opportunity to sample the fare at Rick Halberg’s new restaurant, Tutto Bene. Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., diners can get any two of the following for just $7.50 plus tax: A small pasta, a lunch-size soup and a salad. At 29429 Orchard Lake Rd., Farmington Hills; 248-848-6000;


Eat the page

Nearly every cook, at one time or another has ignored one of the basic rules of cooking, that is, reading through a recipe to ensure that all of the necessary ingredients are at hand before beginning to cook. For those “oh shit, I don’t have any bittersweet chocolate” moments, there is The Food Substitution Bible: More Than 5,000 Substitutions for Ingredients, Equipment and Techniques by David Joachim. (Robert Rose, $19.95) If you are out of bear meat, try venison, elk, caribou or buffalo. Well, many of the substitutions are more practical.

A tasty beverage

A summertime favorite of ours — not bad in the other seasons either — is the old classic Hummer. Call it a drink or call it dessert. It’s hard to beat, refreshing and scrumptious.

Put equal parts of rum — light or dark, depending on your personal preference — and Kahlúa or any coffee liqueur into a blender jar. Add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. Blend until the mix is thick and creamy. Remember, despite its resemblance to a milk shake, it is intoxicating. Do not forget to put the lid on the blender for the second round.

It works

By now, just about everyone knows about beer-can chicken, that is, cooking a chicken that has been stuffed with an open can of beer before cooking it vertically on a grill, allowing the fat to drip into the flames, theoretically making a healthier meal, while the beer seasons the chicken and keeps it moist. Williams Sonoma is now offering a somewhat more sophisticated device to achieve the same results. This nonstick roaster is available for $25 at Fill the center cone with the beverage of your choice to flavor the seasoned bird — up to 10 pounds — and fire away.

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