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BEER BRAWL — In an event billed as "The Battle of the Breweries," Champane's Wine Cellars in Warren will pit the beers of the East Coast brewer Dogfish Head Craft Brewing (Milton, Del.) against the West Coast brewer Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, Calif.). Attendees will have the chance to sample suds from these two world-class breweries. At Champane's (7001 Chicago Rd., Warren; 586-268-4900) at 5 p.m. Friday, April 3; $10 per person; 21 or older only.

NIGHT MOVES — Detroit's late-night partiers often end up at diners after a night of boozing. Hoping to attract some of that business, Detroit Breakfast House and Grill, home of the "power breakfast," has announced extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays, opening from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Starting April 3, during the wee hours, guests will be able order from a special limited menu. At 1241 Woodward Ave., Detroit; 313-961-1115.


The word "salumi" refers to Italian-style cured or preserved meats, not salami. Joyce Goldstein's Salumi: Savory Recipes and Serving Ideas for Salame, Prosciutto, and More (Chronicle Books, $24.95) sets the record straight, explaining that salumi is like French charcuterie. This is a primer on selecting, serving and storing prosciutto, pancetta and the myriad choices that constitute a good antipasto. The meats — usually pork — can be salt-cured, smoked and fermented, as well as preserved in fat like confit.


Some beers are for pounding with friends and some go better with food, but Belhaven Scottish Ale straddles that divide perfectly. Established as a commercial brewery in the early 18th century monks were brewing at Scotland's Belhaven Brewery long before then. Today you can easily find their Scottish Ale in cans gassed with nitrogen, which makes smaller bubbles for a creamy mouth-feel. Couple this with a malty, slightly sweet flavor and you have a beer that pairs with everything from fried fish to spicy barbecue.


Minor's soup bases are among the best shortcuts available to home cooks and professional chefs. Instead of simmering for hours, then straining, then chilling to bring the fat to the top, just add base. Highly concentrated for use in stocks, sauces and gravies, these bases are often added to scratch stocks to intensify the taste. A 1-pound cup will yield five gallons. They are available in numerous flavors, including chicken, beef and lobster. Some can be found locally at GFS or online at for about $10.

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