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Perhaps you’ve heard about the new flavor of Edy’s Grand Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Blitz. Perhaps you know that it’s a tribute flavor to the Detroit Lions. (First there’s tribute statues, then tribute songs, now tribute flavors? Whatever …) And perhaps you’re also aware that it’s a limited edition flavor and there’s only going to be so much of it to go around.

Which means that if you really really want to get Detroit Lions stuck on the roof of your mouth, you’d better hurry and track it down.

Fortunately, there’s a handy tool on the Edy’s Web site which lets you find out which stores have received shipments of which flavors in the past seven days. The site also has lots of other cool info about everyone’s favorite summer treat, so check it out before the weather chills out.

And maybe a little Peanut Butter Blitz on the fingers of Lions pass receivers … oh, forget it.


Duck, walleye, venison … the wilds of Michigan do offer some tasty critters, and even if you’re not the type to play hunter-gatherer yourself, you can still indulge. Fusion’s garden atrium (34555 W. 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills) will be the site of a Michigan fall game feast, prepared by chef Dale Sinclair, this Thursday at 7 p.m. The price is $39.95 per person, and includes five courses of local specialities. Call 248-489-8852.


Fill your bowls at the newly opened BD’s Mongolian Barbeque restaurant in Novi, inside the 200 Building at Market Street and Grand River. It’s the seventh in Michigan, and the 14th in the world, which means founder Billy Downs is now an official restaurant mogul. Or should that be Mongol?


If you visit Too Chez restaurant (27155 Sheraton Drive, Novi, 248-348-5555) for lunch or dinner during the week (Monday-Thursday) from now until Nov. 15, you’ll get 25 percent off any bottle of wine you order with your meal. Talk about a wine-win proposition.


Honey, I feel like a drink – or some barbecue – or both … try Bärenjäger mixed into your favorite cocktail or BBQ sauce. It’s a German liqueur made with honey, it’s been around for 500-odd years, and is currently all the rage with those who appreciate that loose family of jäger-named liqueurs. Either that, or it’s just a sweet way to get sauced.


Last year, approximately 28.8 billion pounds of tortillas were scarfed down by the world’s population. Twenty-four billion of those pounds were consumed in Mexico, while the rest were eaten as wraps in trendy American restaurants. Well, just kidding about that last one, but according to the Tortilla Industry Association, more tortillas are sold in this country than any other kind of specialty bread (including bagels, believe it or not).

So, in case you’re wondering what to do with all those tortillas you’re supposed to be eating, write to the Tortilla Industry Association (8300 Douglas Ave., Ste. 800, Dallas, TX 75225) for a free tortilla recipe booklet. It includes the usual fajita and wrap recipes, but also has a few zingers, such as tortilla torte, dessert quesadillas, and rich chocolate wraps that involve lots of sour cream. Yum!

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