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8: number of dishes made for a typical Thanksgiving dinner in an average American family

18.1: pounds of turkey the average American will eat in 1998

6.3: pounds of that turkey which will be consumed during the holiday season

72: milligrams of cholesterol found in a roast turkey leg

90: percentage of turkeys and chickens sold in supermarkets believed
to be contaminated with salmonella and other bacteria

67.7: pounds of beef the average American will eat in 1998

52.8: pounds of pork

74.4: pounds of chicken (nearly 26 pounds more than in 1980)

9: millions of people in the United States who consider themselves vegetarian

31: percentage of Michigan adults who are overweight

144: weight of the average American woman, in pounds.

14: the clothes size worn by the average American woman

8: the clothes size Barbie would wear if she were human

2: the clothes size Hollywood actresses try to fit into

4: number of states with more overweight people than Michigan

8: percentage of preschool-age American children who are overweight

868: the number of cans of soda an average 12- to 19-year-old American male consumes a year

628: the number of sodas a girl in the same age group drinks each year

57: the percentage of adult Americans who always or usually use mayonnaise or mayonnaise-type salad dressing on their sandwiches

61: percentage of American consumers who ranked cheese as the food they crave most frequently

34: percentage of calories Americans get from fat

32: gallons of beer the typical American adult drank in 1995

21: gallons of coffee Americans consume annually, per capita

22: number of Metro Times staff who have dieted at some point in their life; the total staff numbers 62

10: number of Metro Times staff who have had an eating disorder at some point in their life

50 Million: pounds of food Michigan food banks distributed in 1997

992,000: number of people in Michigan who suffered from food insecurity, ranging from anxiety over where the next meal will come from to missing meals and experiencing hunger pains, in 1997

90: average number of insect fragments the FDA allows to be present in a 100-gram sample of chocolate.

11.7: pounds of chocolate consumed per capita, per year

300: varieties of honey available in the United States

30: average number of insect fragments the FDA allows to be present in a 100-gram sample of peanut butter

0: number of genetically engineered foods the FDA requires to be labeled as such

8: percentage of American children who have a life-threatening food allergy

1641: year the Massachusetts Bay Colony passed America's first food adulteration law. It required meat to be labeled for quality and weight

71.8: percent of analyzed fruit and vegetable samples (fresh and processed together) found to contain at least one pesticide residue per sample

14: percentage of Austrian agriculture devoted to organic farming

2: percentage of American agriculture devoted to organic farming

40: percentage of world population still subsistence farming

1,500: average miles food travels before it arrives at your home

20: tons of potatoes that an acre of Idaho can yield per year

1,965: dollars spent per acre on that crop

15: profit, in dollars, that the farmer will net on that acre

5,200,000,000: total retail dollar sales of potato chips in 1997

150: calories per ounce of Lay's potato chips

45 million: the number of American kids who are overweight

20: percentage of American children who go hungry part of every month

1996: year the Child Nutrition Act was passed by the U.S. Congress

1: number of countries at the 1996 World Food Summit in Rome that refused to adopt a doctrine guaranteeing everyone a right to food. That country was the United States.

4 billion: dollars cut and to be cut from federal food stamp programs each year between 1996 and 2002

1975: year the U.S. Congress established the School Breakfast program

6.1 million: number of low-income children served school breakfast programs in the U.S. in 1997

100: percentage of Detroit public schools that provide free or reduced-price lunch programs

3: number of food banks in the United States in 1977

1 billion: dollar value of all food served by food banks in the country

188: number of food pantries currently served by Second Harvest, the largest food bank in the United States

10: percentage of the country's population Second Harvest served in 1997

62: percentage of those clients who are female

38: percentage of Second Harvest clients in 1997 who were under 18 years old

39: percentage of Second Harvest clients who worked full- or part-time last year

8,396: people turned away from emergency food sites in the tri-country area due to a lack of food to serve them in the first nine months of 1998

28: percentage of people visiting food banks in the United States who have at some point had to choose between buying medical care and food

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