Falling Down Beer Company will open a new location in Oxford

May 21, 2015 at 2:39 pm
Just over two years ago Falling Down Beer Company opened in Warren inside an old ice cream shop and diner. The story of the brewery's name goes something like this: Co-owner Mark Larson once tripped and fell after having just one beer and his friends forever teased him that after a single brewski, he was "falling down drunk."

Anyway, the Warren location of Falling Down Beer Company has seen exponential growth since it opened in 2013. In fact, they can't keep up with demand. So, Larson & Co. plan to open a new location, this one in the Village of Oxford.

According to a release, the new facility will be able to make about 2,000 barrels of beer, which is four times more than the Warren location is able to make.

The Warren location will remain open and will continue to make beer, an expansion will also allow the space to add a wine-making production, according to co-owner George Lang. 

Larson also acquired a small wine maker and a small distiller license for the new location. He says Falling Down hasn't gotten started making wine or liquor yet and neither will probably be available until late 2015 at the earliest.

It'll be the end of 2015 before the new location opens as well. The build out for the 60-seat taproom starts next week, Larson says, and the new location will have 30 taps, but no kitchen. They'll partner with local restaurants to bring food into the brewpub. 

The new location will be located at 14 N. Washington St. in Downtown Oxford.