Drink up

Skyy Vodka

40% ABV

Skyy Vodka was born in 1992, a time in history when that variety of clear liquor was the most celebrated liquid intoxicant available. Born in San Francisco, the distillery's owners got started with one goal in mind: to make a better product using a better method.

What they came up with was a state-of-the-art distillation process that ousted any extra byproducts that might muddle the vodka's flavor. A quadruple distillation process is followed by a triple filtration process using California limestone that creates a fresh, clean tasting vodka with an incredibly smooth taste.

Furthermore, there are no congeners inside that cobalt blue bottle, which means you're less likely to get a nasty hangover after having a martini or two.

Speaking of martinis, Skyy Vodka is incredibly versatile, and can be enjoyed in any number of creative cocktails. Mix it with ginger beer and lime juice for a classic Moscow Mule or use lemon juice, honey solution, and basil leaves to craft a basil gimlet.

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