Drink up

Jim Beam Apple

35% ABV

Just a decade or so ago we'd be spilling precious ink in this space discussing the characteristics of an apple-flavored vodka, but that clear elixir has slowly gone out of fashion and a darker liquor has come to take its place.

Long popular with cowboys and grandfathers, whiskey has, in recent years, risen to general idolization largely thanks to a growing craft cocktail and liquor culture.

While flavored whiskeys do exist, they generally smack of cinnamon, honey, maple syrup, and occasionally cherries. The whiskey-makers of the world haven't yet devolved into masking the firewater's taste with every flavor on God's green earth, but more varieties are slowly making their way on the market and Jim Beam's newest incarnation, Jim Beam Apple, is a prime example.

Smacking of a green apple candy, Jim Beam Apple's flavor is all-around sweet. The fruit-forward flavor covers any back-of-the-throat bite you'd normally get from a whiskey. Sure, it's great mixed with club soda and a lemon wedge, but don't be afraid to enjoy it on the rocks or as a chilled shot.

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