Drink up

Oct 21, 2015 at 1:00 am

Patrón XO Café

35% ABV

Anyone who's experienced a hellacious Monday morning can appreciate the special treat that is a little tequila in your coffee cup. Maybe the folks at Patrón were thinking of us when they crafted Patrón XO. The low-proof coffee liqueur smells like a fresh cup of Joe with some chocolate and vanilla mixed in and tastes like fresh roasted coffee with notes of chocolate and the light flavor of tequila. Smooth and dry, it isn't overly sweet like some other coffee-flavored liqueurs.

By using the natural flavors of good quality coffee, Patrón made a tequila that's not only good in your coffee cup, coupled with your favorite roast, but also one that can be appreciated on the rocks or in your favorite dessert recipe.

Mix Patrón XO Cafe with some milk and top it with some brandy-soaked cherries for a creamy evening cocktail.

Mix it with some Patron Anejo, creamer, and a dash of grated nutmeg for a tasty take on a Brandy Alexander. Combine it with Patron Silver, some bacon crumbles, light cream, and maple syrup for a cocktail that will have you putting down that coffee cup come breakfast time.