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Plymouth Gin

41.2% ABV | 72 proof

Plymouth Gin is a classic English dry gin, deep-rooted in tradition, but still approachable and modern in both personality and use. Right off the bat, its flavor is palate pleasing, with a deep, earthy flavor, and the distinctly fresh bite of citrus and juniper notes we all look for in any good gin. It has a light sweetness, a subtle heat, and a well-balanced complexity with notes of coriander and cardamom that round out its full-bodied, aromatic profile.

The gin's even balance is attributed to the historical company's centuries-old recipe, heavily protected at the same historic Black Friar's Distillery, the oldest working gin distillery in the world, since 1793. The building is a national monument, formerly a monastery inhabited by the Black Friars in the 15th century, a refuge to the Pilgrims in the 16th century, and eventually a distillery popularized by the Royal Navy. It's nice to imagine the history behind the spirit, which is still batch made even today, using the original Victorian-era single copper pot and a hand-picked blend of seven botanicals.

For the remaining summer months, Plymouth gin is perfect in a French 75 — a bubbly, sweet and sour confection, perfect for a festive outdoor party or a "boozy brunch."

Plymouth French 75

2 parts Plymouth Gin ½ part lemon juice

½ part simple syrup

Directions: Top off with Champagne and garnish with a lemon twist.

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