Drink Up

Oct 8, 2014 at 1:00 am

Zim's Vodka

Named after the Polish word for potato, "ziemniak," Zim's Vodka is made in Poland, but the folks behind this premium spirit call Michigan home. So why did they travel all the way to Poland just to make vodka? Well, they didn't want to make another grain vodka and they felt that only a traditional vodka-making nation like Poland could provide the products and practices they felt would yield a quality spirit. Thus was born Zim's Vodka. Try it at Vodka Rox on Friday, Oct. 10 at the Royal Oak Farmers Market.

Eighty-One | Named after its proof, Zim's Eighty-One is an ultra-premium potato vodka that's imported from Poland. Though it's crafted in vodka's motherland, its maker is an "American rebel" that hails from Michigan. Gluten-free with zero carbs, each bottle is made with eight pounds of potatoes (we're still not sure how something made of potatoes can be carb-free; it remains one of the world's greatest mysteries). Zim's 81 is enjoyed by those who aren't heavy-handed with mixers. There's no reason to waste the taste of this blend.

Fifty-Nine | Much like its brother, Zim's Fifty-Nine is named after its proof and made with 100 percent Polish potatoes. This vodka, however, has 25 percent less alcohol so women and folks over 60 who might have issues with tolerance love it. Its nose is slightly softer than its kin, and there's a note of buttery mashed potatoes. Its taste is crisp and fresh with a light, thin mouthfeel with little acidity in its flavor. This blend is made to compete with the world's best vodkas, and comes out on top in most cases.

Sip Zim's at Vodka Rox at the Royal Oak Farmers Market this Friday, Oct. 10. Sabrage will be on hand for the event, whipping up The Experience Z, a sophisticated and classy cocktail that's ripped directly from their menu, meaning you can enjoy one any day of the week inside Bistro 82 and on Friday and Saturday at Sabrage.

Drink Recipe | "The Experience Z"

1.5 ounces ZIM's 81

.5 ounces St. Germain

.5 ounces fresh lemon juice

Dash bitters

Serve in a stainless steel martini glass