Dr. McGillicuddy's Whiskey | 30% ABV

Legend has it that a man won a saloon in a bar fight and over the many years that he presided over that old shanty he came to be known as "The Doctor." He poured stiff shots and mixed bold drinks, all while maintaining his perfectly coiffed moustache.

That doctor was Dr. McGillicuddy and the line of flavored whiskeys is named after him.

These fine, smooth whiskeys come in four distinct flavors, all of which are a very quaffable 60 proof, making them perfect to mix with other liquors. The apple flavor is crisp with just a hint of tartness, while the blackberry flavor is deeply fruity and intense. The honey-flavored whisked is sweet, but not cloyingly so, and full-bodied, and the peach flavor tastes like a warm summer day.

Mix two parts apple-flavored whiskey with one part cinnamon-flavored whiskey and you've got yourself a deliciously potent scorched apple. Mix peach-flavored whiskey with cream soda for a peaches 'n' cream shot. Lemon-lime soda mixed with peach-flavored whiskey makes a peach fizz.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

For more recipes, check out drmcgillicuddy.com.

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