Detroit cardiologist named sexiest male vegan over 50

Dr. Joel Kahn is PETA's sexiest male vegan over 50. Photo via PETA.
Dr. Joel Kahn is PETA's sexiest male vegan over 50. Photo via PETA.
It's quite an honor, isn't it? When PETA takes time to explore the older-than-50 vegan set and the sometimes terrorist group and killer of unadopted cats and dogs settles on you. You. Well, not just you. You're not the sexiest vegan. You're not even the sexiest vegan over 50. But, you are the sexiest male vegan over 50. The vegans under the age of 50 are sexier than you. And there's another vegan over the age of 50 who is equally as sexy as you, just female. Sorry. Them's the breaks. 

Still! It's an honor, right? You're a vegan. You're a best-selling author. You regularly contribute to news sites like The Huffington Post. You do great things. You're Dr. Joel Kahn and you own and operate the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity and you're also the guy behind GreenSpace Cafe on Nine Mile in Ferndale. You've spent the last 20 years educating people about the benefits of consuming a plant-based diet. You've spent a great deal of your life as an advocate for animals (according to PETA) and helping people eschew a lifestyle of fast food and Diet Coke. But, being named the sexiest male vegan over the age of 50 — that's the goal you've been working towards. The real honor isn't building a legacy, opening an award-winning restaurant, having thousands of people read the words you write.

The real honor is that PETA thinks you're sexy.

So, here's to you, Dr. Kahn. You're the sexiest male vegan over 50. According to PETA. 

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