Faygo drops new summertime 'Firework' flavor

Jun 7, 2021 at 8:46 am
Faygo's new "Firework" flavor. - Courtesy of Faygo
Courtesy of Faygo
Faygo's new "Firework" flavor.

Juggalos, rejoice. Just in time for summer, Detroit-based Faygo released a new flavor.

The company's new "Firework" pop is reminiscent of those red, white, and blue "Bomb Pop" and "Firecracker" popsicles, with notes of cherry, blue raspberry, and lime. You can find the new flavor in 24 oz. bottles throughout the Midwest and on Faygo's online Pop Shop.

"For 114 years, Faygo has been an innovator in the pop world and we are very proud to add Firework to our
distinctive line of over 50 flavors," Faygo president Al Chittaro said in a statement. "Firework will be available for a limited time, and offers a completely new experience for Faygo fans."

The company is getting with the latest technology to promote the new flavor. It launched a "Can't Stop the Pop!" campaign that includes a QR code on the bottle label that can be scanned with a smartphone to enter weekly giveaways. According to a press release, they're also launching a "Can’t Stop the Pop Dance Challenge" on that newfangled TikTok app, but we've got to be honest, we have no idea what that means.

In other Faygo news, pop star Billie Eilish reps the brand in her new video for "Lost Cause," which features Eilish and friends throwing a house party and downing its orange pop. Since Eilish directed the video, it seems safe to say the choice to pick Faygo was hers. Does that mean she's a Juggalette? Her PR team did not return Metro Times's request for comment.

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