Why Am I Grinding My Teeth?

It smacks of something Voidoidian... just as Richard Hell christened his punk brethren the Blank Generation...this MC/DJ duo, by merely putting the word in ALL CAPS in a subtle sans serif, sprawled across a record cover, can come that much closer to an apt characterization of "new millennium hip-hop."

The Anonymous' disc, Why Am I Grinding My Teeth... is full of zingy space-out splices of funktronica, buzz-slid funk grooves and, here and there, strange but welcoming dashes of gospel and blues...and, wait, is that a Nat King Cole sample?? Shuffling atop these intricate beat arrangements are  disarmingly thought-provoking lyrics, spun out with grit and grace, repudiating social ills and beautifing creative catharsis, spiced with "strange metaphor(s) for irony..." that could invoke such neo-nerdy reach-backs as nuanced power-ups from Mario Bros. 3, to gamma rays to kitana swords...to bonfires in Woodbridge. Woodbridge is alive -and its creative energies were glowing vibrantly inside a shack at the edges of Wayne State's campus last night...

New millennium hip-hop can be anything just as the Anonymous could be... This record, Teeth, was written and recorded during a period where the duo began bonding and collaborating with the open-minded musicheads orbiting that suburb - those who fostered the Woodbridge Records label. Just like the faceless, big-talking commenters from the bygone bloggo-day's of the mid-2000's ...who would often opt to remain -anonymous- - this group embraced the moniker and by doing so gives it a different power. Undesignated. Unspecified... Able, then, to be anything, anything else, something else...

 And then it bridges...(wood)bridges hip-hop to space-rock to anthemic punk - Anonymous to Summer Pledge to Noman and back around again to something like SelfSays.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

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