Weekly Fecal

Questions raised by the Thieves’ The White Line EP:

1) When did Bon Jovi start writing songs for Supergrass?

2) A good line of coke can last 15 minutes, the running time of The White Line EP. It’s ironic then that this sounds like what one feels when the coke runs out.

3) Does David Bowie know that the use of “Heroes” in commercial advertising is having a detrimental effect on songwriting everywhere?

4) Is a chorus really enough? Really? Is that all you need? Shit.

5) Can a regular citizen invoke the “Moon-June-Spoon” clause of the Rhyme Syndicate Rules of Governance to punish the use of pairings such as “change” and “range” (sounding suspiciously like “re-arrange” here) in a post-Brady Bunch world? What about “hook” and “look”? “Lose” and “prove”? Ugh.

6) Unironically “psychedelic” use of phase effects — discuss.

7) Isn’t anyone genuinely “elegantly wasted” anymore?

Chris Handyside writes about music for the Metro Times. E-Mail [email protected].

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