Waffles Spreads Wings Over Detroit

Days blurring by now, summer fading, fast as those hairy-shouldered shufflers I pass-by on bike, slaloming through suburban shoppers, whizzing and winding my way across bumpy, beer-stained sidewalk slabs one day to one day to the other day and before I could know it, it’s time again for that revolting circus of smog-burping chrome, deep-fried dough and jacked-up gas prices

I’m glad, then, for the chance to write about Doc Waffles again, it takes my mind off The Cruise. New Music on the way: 8/23.

Listen: Doc Waffles (ft. SelfSays) - "Wings Over Detroit"   (from forthcoming Ambulance Chaser)


So much to mine here, such zestfully psychotic evocations, hallucinogenic rocket-punctured day-dream imagery sutured with the squinty-eyed rap-poet/book-peddlers characteristic erudite diction-dazzle

and some razzle wrung in for weird-measure, yes yes... Yes, Catherine the Great and Street Fighter II and Ice-T action movies and frivolous flying machines and, actually, yes, even some topical social commentary. Another album by Doc Waffles, produced with ears for apt soul/funk-samples lassoed-round and sizzling-under these Groucho-by-way-of-Goethe styled rap-sandwiches peeled off his sophisto-street paving.

Ambulance Chaser is Doc's fifth proper album, another in his decade-run as wily-jester type rapper known to hold his own in a battle or two over the years. He doesn't make it out onto stages as much as I'd like but it's still encouraging that this is already his second album within one calendar year, maybe he's hitting new spurred stride.

Click back to Doc's site next Thursday (8/23) to hear Ambulance Chaser and find out how you can potentially square-off against the abstractionist word-weaver in a game of ping-pong.


It'll be gridlock all weekend with the Dream Cruise...if only I could utilize the fanciful dirigibles that Mr. Waffles raps about in these new tracks...

Anyway, check 'em out next week.

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