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Abandoned Shelter of the Week

This week's designated ASS (that's Abandoned Structure Squad for all you who are behind the times) adventurer found herself scaling the cinder blocks supporting a house more than 100 years old just to get a glimpse inside. Luckily, the tiny lady wasn't on her own — nice guy Dennis Wojnarowski, a general contractor from Debroe Company, was on hand to give ASS a lift. After hoisting themselves 9 feet off the ground and through the home's front door, both tour guide and traveler marveled at the size of it all — so many rooms of decaying beauty. The towering Victorian, located at 284 Eliot, on a quiet block between John R and Brush, was deposited at its present location about 12 years ago; hence the shaky foundation. Contractors are being paid by the city to restore the groundwork, and a peek inside proves why it's worth all the fuss. Where to begin — the crumbled tile floors lining the main staircase? The peeling sheets of paint coating each room in various shades of pink, sky blue, sage, electric green and peach? The flat wooden cabinetry suggesting the simplicity of a not-too-bygone era? Wandering through the home's three stories feels akin to strolling through a bona fide Victorian museum, Detroit style. "It'll be a while till things get rolling in this house," Wojnarowski says.

But what's this: a sloping window frame? Yep, Wojnarowski says; the house is definitely sagging to the right. Any takers?

Editor’s note: If you know of an abandoned home you would like to see featured in this spot, send a photo and pertinent information to News Hits, c/o Metro Times, 733 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 48226 (or e-mail

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