The Sights Tour Diary Entry No. 43: I'll Always be 'Giving it Some'

For our final date with the D we played the Hammersmith Apollo, formerly the Hammersmith Odeon, in London. Mixed emotions fill my head -- on the one hand it's hard to see things go, but all things must end sometime, you know?

As a band we've learned how to manage a large stage, get the right sound we want, and absolutely kill in front of thousands at a time. It took a few gigs, yes, but it has happened. To watch a buncha scrubs become a single-minded entity all moving in one perfect motion has been beautiful to watch. With that, we're bringing what we've learned this summer to the Park Bar on Saturday, Nov. 3rd. We're going to document the beast before we lay it down to rest. I gain an hour of sleep that night, so I'll be 'giving it some', as our driver Ben would say.

Anyway, I'll miss walking down to catering and hearing Jack sing How Do You Sleep? while rubbing Kyle's shoulders, I'll miss the stage manager Andy telling me "they're a rowdy bunch go get 'em," but most of all I'll miss the crazy shit The Sights have gotten into. Some stories will get repeated, some will (hopefully) be forgotten, but the feeling that we did it will live with me for a long time. We did it, not the dude down the street. We were never late (ok, once to WRAT radio in NJ but so was Keith!), and for that I've to be grateful for our drivers/tour managers: Shades (U.S.) and Ben (Europe). It's not easy getting five guys in a van. To get them to walk into a bar... However...

Ok, back to the London gig. As I walked onstage I heard a group of young ins ask "Are you Eddie?" from the right side of the crowd. I thought that was funny and strange. We were unglued but tight as shit and delivered a monster of a set. I walked off that stage and felt good, not sad.

And with that, I'd like to thank Tenacious D, and their people: BB, Gus, Jane, Andy, Patrick, Sean, Greg, Craig, Scooby, Dan, Mel... and the best soundmen: A dam, Dan, and Terry. The D and their crew treated us with respect and gave us help when we needed it (extra props to Patrick and Sean - nicest dudes in the biz). The D and their crew made it one crazy summer. Thank you. And to all the people that came out and dug us!

All the best,


Skip’s Current State:  hungover.


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