Team Vampire 

Football star Justin Durant finally sees Underworld: Awakening and comes away showing teeth!

I've really been trying to get back into my movie viewing ways these past couple of weeks. Being a huge fan of the Underworld series, I went to see Underworld: Awakening. Definitely was not disappointed. For the action junkie, it's a perfect fix, especially if you're into the whole "undead" thing. (Everybody has their cup of tea, so I'm not here to make you choose sides, please believe me. I'm #TeamVampire all day, though.) 

I hate when I'm told the movie in reviews, so I won't be that person. But going back to see the previous three movies in the series isn't necessary, as the film gives clips to help those who haven't been abreast of what's going on. It would, however, allow you to be that much more involved. The only negative was that I saw it in 3-D (the regular version wasn't showing at this particular cinema). I think that took away from the film; I didn't need to see Lycan teeth that close to my face! In fact, I don't even like human teeth that close, so I was a little upset — LOL.

I recommend this for anyone who enjoys a nice action-packed, R-rated film involving nocturnal creatures. It will keep your attention ... if not, then let me know, but I can't give you that $10 back — Obama is serious in these streets. Go see it if you have the time, or get it from your local bootlegger and make it a movie night at the crib. I'm here to inform not to judge. I'm out.

Justin Durant is a linebacker for the Detroit Lions. It's the offseason, so he should be seeing lots of flicks. Send comments to Twitter: @JDurant52

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