Stratford Festival 

When: Thu., Sept. 21, Fri., Sept. 22, Sat., Sept. 23, Sun., Sept. 24, Mon., Sept. 25, Tue., Sept. 26, Wed., Sept. 27, Thu., Sept. 28, Fri., Sept. 29, Sat., Sept. 30, Sun., Oct. 1, Mon., Oct. 2, Tue., Oct. 3, Wed., Oct. 4, Thu., Oct. 5, Fri., Oct. 6, Sat., Oct. 7, Sun., Oct. 8, Mon., Oct. 9, Tue., Oct. 10, Wed., Oct. 11, Thu., Oct. 12, Fri., Oct. 13, Sat., Oct. 14, Sun., Oct. 15, Mon., Oct. 16, Tue., Oct. 17, Wed., Oct. 18, Thu., Oct. 19, Fri., Oct. 20, Sat., Oct. 21, Sun., Oct. 22, Mon., Oct. 23, Tue., Oct. 24, Wed., Oct. 25, Thu., Oct. 26, Fri., Oct. 27, Sat., Oct. 28 and Sun., Oct. 29
The countries and eras into which we are born, our status in society, the careers we pursue, our families and friends, the accidents of fate or perhaps the workings of destiny: all these and more contribute to our sense of self. But what ultimately determines who we are? Are our natures and actions shaped only by circumstance – or by some inner essence that we cannot deny to ourselves, however successfully we may conceal it from others? As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s birth as a nation, our 2017 season explores our sense of identity – as individuals, as compatriots, and as members of the human race.



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