How to keep the rest of us all terrified and a jazzy, new-jack remix of a classic track

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How to Keep Your Husband Happy
Exercise Along With Debbie Drake

Amazingly, this Mad Men-era exercise album stayed in print long enough to go head-to-head with Jane Fonda on the floor mat — my Goodwilled copy has the same dark blue Epic label as Thriller! Then, as now, I suspect when most husbands hear the words "happy" and "trim" together, a leaner slimmer wife isn't what they have in mind. Bundled with this desperate housewives workout is a pictorial insert with hundreds of Debbie Drake stretching positions that millions of wifeys no doubt wore out while wondering why their Don Drapers are still at the office at this late hour. Or what his secretary would look like doing "Exercise 7a" on his desk! "Bounce and up and bounce and up" indeed! Among the telling signs this regiment has a "slim" chance of working — the rear sleeve's "Checklist For Keeping Your Husband Happy" suggests "Perfume — just for him, when he's home." —Serene Dominic


SelfSays — "Parting Gifts"
(Shigeto's 1999 Edit)

One of the most memorable songs off the SelfSays' 2009 record Something Out of Nothing was the introspective "Parting Gifts." This Shigeto (Ghostly International) rework sees the song as a jazzy, new-jack throwback, replacing the song's sympathetic nature for something smoky and assured. —Travis R. Wright

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